Did you know that for software package developers the declaration "business" (as in "business requirements," "business layer," or "business specs") has a consequence totally various than its daily routine connotation?

For a software engineer, a "business layer" has zero to do beside commerce stuff and work and fashioning booty or moving a physical business; but everything to do beside the way an "3-tier client-server architecture" is structured.

More specifically, a "business layer" is the negotiator vein relating the "client" stratum (or, the "front-end" or the Graphic User Interface (GUI), that is, whatsoever you see and interact with on a data processor screen) and the "back-end" or the "server" layer.

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When you chink a association on a web page, for example, you are at the "front end" and you are the "client."

The "business layer," or the "traffic cop" in between, takes that chink bid and sends it to the "back end."

If, for example, what you have requested for is a web page, the business seam tells the web waiter to brainstorm that folio.

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And when the page is found, again the company division delivers it to your silver screen.

If what you have clicked on the silver screen is a holdfast for discovery the rate of a autograph album (for pattern), the company sheet sends the "question" to the database in the hindmost end. The price illustration obtained from the DB (database) server is transmitted rear legs to your peak after ratification finished the "business section."

A "business" deposit is named specified because the rules reported to which it show business "traffic cop" to the inflowing and outgoing signals swing from one enterprise to other. A construction company, for example, would obligation a distinct set of interactions betwixt its anterior and hindmost ends than (let's say) a medical practitioner or a flower retail store.

That's why "business specs" or "business requirements" likewise ebb and flow from one business organisation to different because they all inevitability their inputs (from the "client" band) interact otherwise next to their web-servers or data-base servers (at the "server" division).


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