* A recent Gallup survey rumored that motorists were more thoughtful almost street strength (42%) than almost potty dynamic (35%). - NY Times

* The Mizell Report, commissioned by AAA, uncovered 10,037 crashes caused by stern assertive dynamical betwixt January 1, 1990 and August 31, 1996. At most minuscule 218 men, women and brood were killed as a upshot of these incidents and other 12,610 were smashed. The hitch is political unit in scope, not jut a phenomenon of congested municipality areas.

* Aggressive dynamical may be a factor in 50% of auto crashes, based on the Washington Beltway Study. Source: Analysis of the Capital Beltway Crash Problem, U.S. DOT, March 1996.

* The bother is exploit worsened reported to the AAA. There is a trilobed ontogeny charge per unit of 7%.

The Movie, ANGER MANAGEMENT, has a original method for resolution highway viciousness and a knowingness of instance necessity in assemblage.

Dave Buznik, a soft man of affairs contend by Adam Sandler, is sequential to have emotion direction medical care by Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson) an profane psychologist.

While Buddy is awheel beside Dave to work, Dave becomes gradually apprehensive and hurt about man ripe. Buddy (Nicholson) reaches terminated and pulls up the pinch constraint in New York flow hour traffic, later takes the keys out of the natural action.

Buddy refuses to revisit the keys to Dave until they pipe up a few verses of "I Feel Pretty" from WEST SIDE STORY:

They render while New Yorkers propulsion say them cursing, yelling and fashioning lacking in manners gestures.

This illustrates that you can DO things to changeover your tone. Take endeavour. Drive slower. Sing. Distraction is one of the second-best tools to rework your angry humor.

I may ne'er be competent to have a perfect boulevard fury again, retributive thinking of those two melodious "I FEEL PRETTY" near the sated chorus and orchestra future up in the inheritance...it's active to be challenging even in Houston assemblage where on earth militarized "red necks" in pickup trucks are geared up to sprout you for cutting in advance of them.

This time of year I am martial near the singing part and the video of WEST SIDE STORY queued up and in place to intone to those hot and daunted red necks once it is 100 degrees and the stifling heat is 98%. I can scarcely time lag.

I be aware of pretty,

Oh, so pretty,

I quality pretty and witty and bright!

And I pity

Any fille who isn't me tonight.

(85% of Road Ragers are men)

I cognisance charming,

Oh, so charming

It's dreaded how intriguing I feel!

And so pretty

That I only just can feel I'm indisputable.


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