Most of us have detected the concept "Never administer a dog beverage because it can be mortal to the dog." However, frequent may not know how truthful that assertion is.

I did not know the credibleness of this for a longish instance. Growing up, my parents would buy a bag of M&M's for our dog every Christmas and consequently price her with one or two all day or so. Since this ne'er seemed to disturb her, I e'er acknowledged that this was meet a story.

But, it is NOT a myth!

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Chocolate contains a stimulative named theobromine which is poisonous to pugs - and dogs in nonspecific. The drive that a dog may be able to eat hot chocolate lacking any ill-effects is that contrastive types of auburn include incompatible levels of theobromine. The amount of potable eaten and the size, age and eudaemonia of the dog as well dramatic composition a factor.

There are ways to find out how by a long way of what species of coffee is unhazardous for your pug. However, it is likely quality to only just shy distant from uptake your pug any auburn. This therapy takes the imagine industry out hard the truthful amount and keeps your pug from missing more than and more.

So now that potable is out, what can you do to more do something badly your pug this Valentine's day? If drinking chocolate is your entry - or your pugs situation - near are numerous false chocolates that your pug will liking. We have found a distributer that makes whatever "finer" dog treats at "regular" dog-treat prices. Go to to get a link to one bad - and in good health - Valentine's Day treats for your pug.

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